Les effects du Coronavirus

Daily news inform about the spread of the Coronavirus and the chinese goverment taking actions to contain the illness.

The impact of the affected people are dramatic and we hope that the spread of the Coronavirus will be contained as soon as possible.

The measures of the chinese goverment are slowely affecting the freight traffic to Europe.

This won’t have a direct impact on Allega’s products because we do not buy material from China. Therefore we can provide, that now and in the future, we will deliver our products to you without restrictions.

In the longer term the situation could have an impact on the delivery times of the european factories, if the workload due to breakdown of production capacity in China will rise for a longer time period. Concerning this matter, our procurement team is in a close contact with all strategic factories to ensure our capacity.

We will follow this very closely and take appropiate measures to ensure your supply.

We hope that we helped you further with this infomation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.